About Prosperi

Prosperi Co. Ltd. is more than just a company,
it’s a family tradition.
We have been a leader in construction, here in Northern Ontario, since 1905.  Our projects span across Ontario and vary from Interior Renovations to New Construction.  We deliver each project to the highest degree of success by virtue of; Dynamic Leadership, Experience and Exception Value.


Guglielmo “William” Prosperi moved to Sudbury, Ontario from Italy determined to provide a better future for his family and as a trained plasterer, William founded W. Prosperi Plastering in 1905. With his determination and craftsmanship, the company garnered a reputation for high quality work in the residential market.

In 1937, William’s son Joseph took over the reins of the family company at the same time Sudbury’s population blossomed due to the opening of the mines and subsequently contributed their quality work to many of the first homes in the Greater Sudbury. Under Joseph’s management, the company began to expand with drywall and acoustical ceilings before the company was passed down to the 3rd generation – Robert “Bob” Prosperi and William “Billy” Prosperi.

It was under Bob and Billy’s management that the quickly growing company expanded into the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) sectors, Sudbury Hospitals were some of the first projects outside the residential sector the company worked on.
Exceeding William and Joseph’s expectations, not only is Prosperi still be in business 100 years later, it has also grown in success over the years all the while still maintaining that ‘family’ feel. In fact, William would be proud to see that today his plastering and lathing company is now a full service construction company run by two of his great-grandsons Anthony and John Prosperi.

Prosperi’s headquarters is still located in Sudbury, Ontario today although our family has grown considerably since the early days ranging anywhere from 50 employees to as many as 100 during critical growth periods. Now Prosperi Co. Ltd, the original recipe for success: teamwork, quality craftsmanship, and love of family; is still used today. This has helped Prosperi establish an efficient and enjoyable work environment, where everyone feels like family regardless of bloodline. At Prosperi, we pride ourselves with providing an end result that’s high quality delivered to the client on time and on budget..

Contractors Since 1905

As we continue to pave new paths for growth,
we will be sure to embrace new talent and
new capabilities with the warmth of family.