Lo-Ellen High School - Renovation and New Gymnasium 


Removal and reconstruction of the existing gymnasium facility for the high school.  Various areas of the existing building were renovated such as science rooms, washrooms and change rooms for the new gym. 



Jeunesse Active School - Addition and Renovation (Sturgeon Falls) 


Addition to an existing school to expand the administration area and two classrooms. The addition is approximately 1500 s.f. along with interior renovations throughout classrooms and offices.




Ecole La Resurrection - Interior Renovation and New Parking Lot (Sturgeon Falls) 


Extensive interior renovation throughout an existing schools and creating six individual rooms making up a new daycare area within the school.  In addition we created a new parking lot adjacent to the renovations.



Laurentian University - Lab and office Renovations  - (Sudbury) 


Three separate areas in two buildings were demolished and rebuilt.  The renovations were for additional classrooms, offices and labs.  The labs has many specialty mechanical system requirements and specialty items that will be used by the University Students.


Churchill Public School  - (Sudbury) 


6,000 sf. Addition for a high performance Gymnasium.  17,500 sf of roof removal and full renovation to replace existing siporex roofing system.  Renovation of existing gymnasium into early education classrooms.  The project was phased to ensure the school could be occupied and functional while full scale construction of these area could still continue.

St. Charles College - Addition and Renovation (Sudbury)  


Constructed a 8,000 sf. Addition for an new  2 story administration office.  A 4,000 s.f. cafeteria was constructed inside the existing courtyard.  Various classrooms were demolished and reconstructed to incorporate new finishes, electrical and mechanical systems throughout the existing building.


Algonquin Public School  - (Sudbury) 


A new Gym addition was erected adjacent to existing building.  Along with a new gym the 7,500 sf. Siporex roofing system was removed and new roofing system was installed.  While roof was being replaced the interior was renovated for additional classrooms and classroom modifications.  The exterior parking lot was redone and tied in with the drainage system to tie into the new street systems.

CR Judd - Daycare Renovations  - (Sudbury) 


New bathrooms and an update to existing classrooms was the intention of this renovation.  The work occurred throughout the summer which allowed us to begin construction as soon as students left for summer and then  we had to be done before school started again in September.


Princess Anne Public School - Addition and Renovation - (Sudbury)


 25,000 sf.  Addition including a gym & an administration offices as well as interior renovations throughout existing school.  The majority of the school was mechanical upgraded with new boilers and distribution systems.  Renovation impacted many areas inside and outside the school.  The area was occupied while construction was underway and required close communication between our team and the school board.


Marymount Academy - New Labs and Classrooms - (Sudbury)


 Interior demolition and renovation was completed to this existing school.  This renovation created new labs, meeting rooms, and classrooms for the school.  The school was in full operation throughout the renovation of the existing school.