VALE - Clarabelle Lake Pump House and P Area Pump House (Sudbury) - 2016

Civil Concrete Contractor


We constructed foundations for a new pre-engineered building, slab on grade, pump pads, approach slabs, thrust blocks, 20' deep x 20' long x 7' wide below grade trench within a blasted area.  The below grade trench required two separate pours using custom form work system.



SNO Lab - Underground Fire System Upgrades - 2014 


This contract was to construct firewalls around the existing water plant in a underground laboratory. All work took place underground with very strict contamination procedures.  This facility has gained world wide fame when scientists working here were recognized with the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Horne Payne  - Co-Generation Plant - 2013

Interior Fit-Up and Pre-Engineered Building - Supply and Install


We supplied and installed a large pre-engineered building for this plant approximately three hours north of Wawa.  Once the building was erected we then completed an interior fit-up on this building, and two others,  to meet the owners requirements.


Detour Gold Mine  - Various Buildings - 2012

Architectural Fit-Up 


An architectural fit-up was completed on 5 buildings.  Each building had one Prosperi supervisor for the duration of project.  The scope consisted of the structural rectification of existing buildings, re cladding the buildings, insulated and interior renovations and finishes throughout.  The area was a mine site and was very busy with other mine related activities and other contractors as there was a large scale of construction occurring at this mine at this time.

ARGDEVCO  - Concrete Plant and Warehouse - 2012

Pre-Engineered Building - Supply and Install


Two new buildings were erected from the ground up for use in a concrete plant.  Both building were pre-engineered structures.  One building was used for a batch plant and the other for a warehouse.  The site was in full operation while construction took place.



VALE - Woman's Dry Renovation - 2012

Drywall and Acoustics Contractor


We completed the finishing of the renovation that took place on VALE property.  The scope was creating walls, fire separation and the finishes throughout.




VALE - General Office - Interior Renovation - 2011

General Contractor


Exterior structural work and a architectural renovation we completed on the existing Vale General Office.  All safety requirements were in place during the completion of the project scope.  Additional roofing was also completed during the duration of  work. 

VALE - Garson Mine Warehouse and Office - Interior Renovation - 2011

General Contractor


Renovations to the existing office and warehouse were completed.  It consisted of mechanical, electrical, architectural and structural fit-up work to meets client requirements.


VALE - Coleman Mine Office - Interior Renovation - 2010

General Contractor


Interior office renovations were completed throughout the Coleman mine general office.  During Construction many areas were occupied and the occupants continued with day to day activities.